Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Review : Robert Southworth Reviews: The Pirate Captain by K...

The Review : Robert Southworth Reviews: The Pirate Captain by K...: Please see details of giveaway at the bottom of the page! The draw will be held  on Tuesday the 25th August 2015 ___________________...

Monday, 10 August 2015

Hero, Honda and Poleaxes

Hero, Honda and Poleaxes

My interest in all things historic can be laid firmly at the door of my father. It was at an early age that i absorbed his delight in the past, and soon his passion became mine. 
There are many examples of how he helped nurture my interests but one above all stands out from the rest. The day in question started out like any other but as breakfast finished my Dad handed me a crash helmet and led me outside. There standing rather shabbily  against the wall of the house was the most ridiculous form of transport, the blue and white Honda 90cc. Even new it would have looked desperate and the years had not improved its appeal.
Interestingly though, the thought of going for a ride with my Dad filled my heart with joy the lack of refinement in our vehicle made not the slightest difference. As the machine roared in to action and we set off at a riveting 30 mile an hour i hung on for dear life.  My enjoyment however, would only increase as i realised the destination my father had planned. I had heard my parents talking about the re-enactment that would take place at Bosworth but never dreamt that i would be lucky enough to actually attend. The journey did not take long and soon we had dismounted from our steed and were walking amongst the crowd. First came the the birds of prey as they swooped just above the heads of the onlookers. Their grace and speed amazed this young boy who instantly decided the peregrine falcon was his favourite. Then came the archery display, where targets felt the power of the English bow. For a finale the archers fired above the crowd and we gained some idea how the enemy must have felt as the dark shafts threatened to fall amongst their ranks.
As the rain clouds gathered above twelve nights walked into the arena before us. The air was filled sound of battle as individual knights competed to be the last man standing. The dark knight entered the arena with the commenter declaring he was the most evil of all the men present. he brought with him his own devilishly invented weapons. One by one he dispatched his enemy and when the last man faced him he unravelled his latest invention. Ball and chain with a difference, the chain was no less than five feet long. He swung it about his head intend on his opponents destruction and delighted in the gasps. As the now champion of the crowd looked certain lose, the dark aimed a blow at the unfortunate knights head. Then quite unexpectedly the champion ducked the chain flying harmlessly over his head. gasps turned to cheers as the dark knights evil invention wrapped itself around his own neck. He fell to the floor and the onlookers cheered his demise. As if dark knight had called out one last curse the heavens opened and torrential rain followed. My father  and i raced to our own mount and soon we roared away from crowds. we missed much of the re-enactment but the little boy who clung to his Dad would not be denied his happiness. The cold rain stung exposed flesh and by the time home was reached not one inch of cloth was left dry. I climbed down from the mount, legs stiff, and soaked to the skin but the smile did not falter and the memories still bring happiness to the same boy.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mary Kelly lies dead upon her bed. Her sorrowful eyes still hold captive the agony of her fate. Anger and fear walk side by side as the populace of London demand justice for the slain. Is it a single mad man or a bloody political game been played out in the grime filled alleys of the old city. The authorities are powerless to stop the bloodletting, and call for a different kind of law. William Harkness formerly of the 66th regiment of foot will join the hunt. His task is not to bring a mad man to justice; his powerful hands are not tied by the laws of the day. William Harkness is the killer of killers, assassin of the wicked.

Release November 2015

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Monday, 6 January 2014

My third novel is almost ready for publication. Wrath of the Furies is a tale of a newly appointed magistrate of Rome who must prevail against incredible odds. A task which is not easy, on one side he has a deadly assassin disposing of important figures within Roman society. On the other side a group of influential men are plotting against the Emperor and are willing to slaughter all who stand in their way.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


A wonderfully crafted short story by Stuart S Laing. Brings the dark and menacing streets of Edinburgh to life, in this murder mystery tale.

Robin Hood tale that stands out from the crowd. Forget what you thought you knew and delve into the unknown.
Kevin's roman series is a joy to read. I suggest you read these and then move onto to his latest release Medieval but no matter what order, you will be truly entertained.
Well i hate to blow my own trumpet but i think this book is a delight. Full of high energy adventure a fitting sequel.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Well its here, the sequel has landed. Available pretty much anywhere as an ebook. The paperback version filtering through to various outlets but already available at Waterstones, Amazon, B&N, Book Depository.

So i have come up with a promotion for UK based readers( i will be looking to do something for my global readers at a later date) If you purchase the new book (Spartacus The Gods Demand Sacrifice) i will  post you a free copy of Spartacus Talons of an Empire absolutely free and signed.